Upcoming Performances

  • Feb 1
    The Artist Spot,  Peekskill
  • Feb 7
    Tony & Nick's Italian Kitchen,  Ellenville



Curt Sobel 

Curt just released an incredible folk-rock record called "Stages." Listen as his guitar pickin' and singin' from 30 years ago has been woven into full rock band arrangements. I got to sing some harmony on "Blue Moon Rising." GO CURT!                                                                                                                                

The Greenheart

ECO JUSTICE FOLK ROCK! I have recently joined this band that includes Fred Gillen, Jr., James Dean ConklinLaura Bowman, and Steve Kirkman. We are pushers of peace, environmental education and kindness, and we are currently working on a program in Kathmandu, Nepal, called "Tie the Trash."


Jamie Shields

My friend of 25 years is a talented singer-songwriter as well as an incredible acoustic performer of classic pop and rock music. She brings her own special blend of folk, elegance and fun to all of her performances! 


Don Lowe

Originally from North Dakota, Don is a true story-telling-singer-songwriter who does a lot to support our Hudson Valley music community. Check out the show he co-hosts every Monday night with Steve Kirkman on Pawling Public Radio called "Local Heroes.”


Jim Keyes

My friend Jim is as likely to be heard playing original songs on an electric guitar in the rock band Hot Rod Pacer as he is singing 18th century ballads in Colonial garb. He is a true Hudson Valley treasure.



Jeff Eyrich

Jeff is a thumpin' bassist who recently played a gorgeous blonde upright on my new record. He's a busy guy accompanying every Hudson Valley folkie looking to rock out. He's also an accomplished producer. 



 Scoot Horton

Check out Scoot's latest record "Six 2 Seven." He's a folk singer with a punk rock heart. I am honored to sing some harmony on "Remember Me."  



 Andrew Bordeaux

 Drew is a fellow Hudson Valley rocker! Love how he shreds on ACOUSTIC guitar. YouTube: Andrew Bordeaux Black Magic Woman.




 Gary Schreiner

 Gary is a world-renowned accordion, piano and chromatic harmonica player as well as composer, songwriter and producer. He is also the curator of MOFA: the Museum of Food Art!




Phil Dollard

 Phil is a fellow Jupiter. Love his acoustic swamp blues and story-telling way of singing. He reminds me a little of John Prine and Tom Waits :)




 The Slambovian Circus of Dreams

 The Grand Slambovians are a little treasure of the Hudson Valley: independent rockers with international reach! 




 Hope Machine

 Hope Machine is Steve Kirkman and Fred Gillen Jr.  It was named after the Woody Guthrie quote: "about all a human being is anyway is a hoping machine."  They rock with a conscience!  Sometimes I get to sit in, too!




 Bryan Gordon

 Bryan is one of the best songwriters I am lucky enough to call "friend."  We often share gigs, trade songs and drink beer together.  His CD "Heroes, Fools and Saints" is one of my all-time faves! We are also touring Europe together in Summer 2016!




 Carolann Solebello

 Carolann is a hot rockin' mama with a beautiful CD called "Steel and Salt."  The tune "Michael" from her first record Glass of Desire makes me long for old lovers to send me letters of forgiveness or apologies.  Her lyrics cut through the crap and right to the chase.      




 Phineas and the Lonely Leaves

 Phineas and the Lonely Leaves is the best rock band I have had the pleasure of checking out in some time.  They make me miss being in a rock band!  I'd describe their sound as what might happen if the Counting Crows, Elvis Costello and Death Cab For Cutie had a love-child. 




 Backwoods Jupiter

 Myself and 11 other Hudson Valley musicians decided it would be a good idea to get together and record all the tunes off of Bob Dylan's Desire album from 1976.  Here is what we came up with :)




 The Ya Yas

 Catherine, Jay and Paul of The Ya Yas are a talented trio (sometimes joined by Eric Puente on drums!) whose songs cut me right to the bone - in a good way!  Their album Paper Boats fills me with a raw emotion I always hope for when I listen to a new CD but I rarely feel.  Album highlight:  "Last Good One."  Paul is also a  fellow Jupiter!




 Tribes Hill

 Tribes Hill is a nonprofit organization uniting musicians of the lower Hudson Valley region (and beyond!) and their patrons in support of a music community that aspires to common goals and beliefs. It is a conceptual gathering place for people of all races, politics, and faiths coming together to explore and celebrate the human experience through song.




 Steve Kirkman

 Steve gets such ambient and ethereal sounds out of electric guitars that you forget your listening to a guitar at all.  He also rocks hard in that Johnny Cash kind of way and is a member of Backwoods Jupiter.




Eric Puente

 A good friend and fierce drummer who accompanies all of the Hudson Valley's best artists, he is also a fellow Jupiter!




 Stanley Maxwell

 Connecticut-based four-piece Stanley Maxwell plays original music that blends (among many other influences) jazz, funk and rock with tight arrangements and intricate group improvisation.  We have recently joined forces to raise money for the Stephanie Nelson Scholarship Fund by covering the Beatles' White Album and Sgt. Peppers in their entirety! I also sang some harmonies when we covered Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here," Led Zeppelin "IV" and Dylan's "Blood on the Tracks." (Check out the videos here !)




 Jules and the Family

 You can listen to both Jules & the Family CD's here! This is my rockin' band with Jonathan Lloyd, John Madden and Marc Osborn.



 Scott Urgola

 Scott's album "Now's the Time" is acoustic rock at its best.  I had the honor of singing harmony on 2 tunes:  "I am What I am" and "Start Spreading the Wealth."   Scott is also a fellow Jupiter!




Pat Kelly

 Pat's most recent album "Alice is Not in Wonderland" is a collection of the emotional musings of the quintessential working musician.  There is even a lovely cover of the Jules & the Family classic "Dolores."  His influences include Springsteen, Billy Joel and all of the Traveling Wilburys. Currently on location in Denmark.




 Marc Osborn

 Besides being a great friend and bandmate for 7 years, Marc has an established solo career playing piano and bass, as well as a producer in Orlando, Florida.




 Cherish the Ladies

 My favorite Irish traditional bands, and extended "Family" members - frontwoman Joanie Madden is John Madden's sister! Joanie helped us out with her whistle on "Spinning"!



 The Cuban Cowboys

Fun, Cuban, surf-rock! We first met them @ Kenny's Castaway years ago and have been following them ever since. 





 A fantastic Belgian blues musician responsible for my Belgian Summer tour 2006 and 2016. Marcell has quite a following in Flanders, Belgium (he knows everybody!), and it was a complete pleasure and honor to share gigs with him. Album highlight: "Plastic Jesus." 




 Fred Gillen Jr.

 Every time I see Fred perform I am reminded that a concert is for the people, not necessarily about the performer.  Fred's latest record "Wage Love" reminds us that we, the people, have the ability to overcome hate with love. Fred has also worn his producer hat a lot in my life, working on all of my solo records with me. And he's a fellow Jupiter!



 Marc Von Em

I love that Marc shreds on acoustic guitar. He is a marvelous songwriter (listen to his original tune "Witness") and currently travels the world on tour supporting Matchbox 20's Rob Thomas.  




Matt Turk

 Matt is a veteran of the Hudson Valley music scene! He's got a great new album called "Cold Revival." Album highlight: Sorrow is Loud. We have collaborated on a number of projects including our Dylan Tribute, Backwoods Jupiter.  You should also catch Matt with his Grateful Dead tribute outfit: DEADGRASS.





 Johanna is simply the best singer I know.  Plus she is one helluva yoga teacher!!!  Check out Johanna's folk/rock/pop album "Why Would I Sing?" and her acoustic duo with the rockin' Anthony Latt called Runaway Stroller!




Radio Stations I've Been Featured On!


107.1 The PEAK WXPK-FM

"Blue Sky Blues" was featured on Coach's "9:37 Local."                                                                                                                    

103.7 WPWL Pawling Public Radio Show "Local Heroes" hosted by Don Lowe and Steve Kirkman         


90.3 WDFH Community Public Radio for the Lower Hudson Valley

"Black Diamond Bay" from our Backwoods Jupiter/Bob Dylan Tribute project was featured!                                      

Oneonta Community Radio WUOW

 My friend Terry Doyle's (RIP) Crackle Program!  Showcasing the best regional Americana/Folk talent.


90.7 WFUV

Our Backwoods Jupiter project was featured here on John Platt's Sunday Breakfast!  (Romance in Durango!)


WSPN Skidmore College                                                                                                                                                 

100.7 WHUD - Catherine Michaels' Blog



 Fun Stuff to Do

Woody's House

 Woody's House is the 100 year old barn where I have recorded my last 4 music projects.  Engineer, producer, rocker and friend Fred Gillen, Jr. at the helm!


Rehab Addict

 I love historic homes and I dream of buying ALL of them (when I hit lotto) and restoring them to their earlier glory.  Nicole Curtis, the "Rehab Addict" does this in Real Life.  So cool!!!


Donors Choose

Wanna donate some cash to great education causes? Check out this link!




"Survivorman" Les Stroud

My favorite "reality" TV show. Les is dropped off somewhere in the wilderness and left to survive off the land for a week. He's also a cool musician.


Killer Blues Headstone Project

 The KBHP exists to provide headstones for blues musicians lying in unmarked graves.  I just think this is so special.





John Tasevoli

 A true Renaissance Man, John is a painter and educator who constantly challenges himself to create beautiful art. 

Aleebird's Original Art

Looking for a unique piece of art? Check out my talented cousin's ETSY page!


Frank Ingrasciotta

Incredible one-man-show "Blood Type Ragu," about growing up Italian..reminds us with a smile that we all have neurotic families.                                                                                                                                                                           

Broome and Orchard

Get info about your product out there in print, broadcast and online media using my best friend's public relations company!





Daly's Pub, Astoria

 The best Irish pub in NYC is located in Queens! Daly's hosts great live music events, has a wonderful back patio, and is perfect for meeting up with friends, catching a sporting event and/or just relaxing!


Groovin' in New Fairfield Concert Series

Ron, Jeff and the gang's mission is to bring top-shelf live music to the people of New Fairfield, CT. and beyond in a comfortable and creative atmosphere. I was fortunate enough to open for the great blues-man Toby Walker here in Spring 2016. It was a night to remember!


12 Grapes, Peekskill, NY

 Fine dining with live music most nights of the week.  All genres of music can be heard here.  No place like it in Northern Westchester!


Towne Crier Cafe, Beacon, NY

 An intimate restaurant venue where I always feel connected to the audience, and when I'm in the audience, to the artist.  The sound and food are great.




Common Ground Community Concerts, Westchester County, NY

 Common Ground is a traveling venue that puts the artist first - ahead of food and beer.  This is hard to find in today's local music scene.  Common Ground is always a listening room and attracts the most talented independent artists.




The Dutch Ale House, Saugerties, NY

 My local in Saugerties, NY!  Proprietors Johnny and Karyn Pavich take pride in their award winning menu and extensive selection of local craft beer.  Menu must order: Double Fried Wings!



The Starving Artist Cafe, City Island, NYC

City Island's coolest live original music venue. Hosts Elliott (a fellow Jupiter!) and Monica are true supporters of local original music.




The Irish Pub, Marstal, Denmark

 A welcoming, traditional pub on the tourist destination island of Aero in Denmark.  But come here to hang with the locals!  The folks at the Irish Pub are true music lovers and have become good friends, regardless of the ocean that separates us.


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